What is a creative strategy?

Your creative strategy is the map that will lead you to your destination in the example above. It tells you where you are and where you need to go. It gives you information about the terrain and how to prepare, and it lets you calculate the distance so you know how much gas you will need

With your creative strategy, you will create a tactical plan to achieve your company’s business and marketing goals. Your plan will outline each aspect of what you’ll need to do, from the messaging you’ll write to the channels you’ll use to the budget you’ll need. It defines who your target audience is, how to reach them, what to say, and when

Clearly define your goals

Before diving into action, we take some time to write down what your main goals are. This will inform all of the subsequent steps we take, including how much budget you will need, which resources you will allocate it to, what you will say, and how you will say it. Once you’ve solidified your objectives, share this information with everyone who will be involved in bringing it to life.

Help you set the right budget

Creating an accurate budget is an integral part of your creative strategy. Your budget pays for the gas that powers your car — it’s what lets you produce all of the work that will enable you to achieve your marketing goal.

Create project timeline

We make sure each contributing team member and client understands what is due from them and when, you can make sure the project moves forward smoothly, and swiftly handle any obstacles that arise